12 Laws of Karma

12 Laws of Karma

A wonderful friend of mine shared this wisdom from Did You Know? in Melanin & Yoga’s group yesterday. You couldn't tell me that I hadn't reinvented the wheel. It was very humbling to see all of the lessons that I've learned over the years and truths I had grown to accept listed as universal laws that I hadn’t even known existed. These laws are accepted as absolute and exist in no particular order.

 1. The Great Law - Whatever we put into the universe will come back to us.

2. The Law of Creation - LIfe does not happen by itself, we need to make it happen.

3. The Law of Humility - One must accept something in order to change it.

4. The Law of Growth - When we change ourselves our lives follow suit and change too.

5. The Law of Responsibility - We must take responsibility for what is in our lives.

6. The Law of Connection - The past, present, and future are all connected.

7. The Law of Focus - We cannot think of two different things at the same time.

8. The Law of Giving and Hospitality - Our behavior should match our thoughts and actions.

9. The Law of Here and Now - One cannot be present if they are looking backward.

10. The Law of Change - History repeats itself until we learn from it and change our path.

11. The Law of Patience and Reward - The most valuable rewards require persistence.

12. The Law of Significance and Inspiration - Rewards are a direct result of the energy and effort we put into it.

None of these are rocket science. Karma is not limited to being an overly-reactionary flow of energy, it is boundless. Karma is the mirror of your internal world and only deals with you. Karma cannot be summoned to carry out dirty deeds, but it will be there when you least expect for even thinking that. Wishing to cause harm to another being... even if they are the "bad guys" makes you the bad guy and Karma doesn't discriminate based on good deeds. You will get out of this life exactly what you deserve and that's really all to it. Unfortunately, I'm a fairly hard-headed person, often repeating lessons to make sure I got it... talk about unnecessary drama (insert eye roll here).